Yeah...I know what you're thinking.

"Who IS  this gal?"

It's alright.  Most days I wonder the same thing.

My name is Anne.  And I can say that with great confidence in both French and German.  (That's pretty much the extent of my knowledge of the languages.)

I'm writing to you from rural Ontario, Canada and seldom do I say 'eh'.  In case you're a non-Canadian reading this, I do not sound like a 'movie' Canadian when I speak.  On the contrary, a few years ago I was told I have a Californian accent...by a Californian.  I'm still not sure what to make of that.

I dabbled with glue guns and sparkles for most of my adolescence, making things that were not the most attractive and had a questionable amount of usefulness.  My mom taught me to sew (and still does from time to time), my dad taught me how to design, tinker and problem solve, a friend taught me to crochet (during college...we were wild) and I taught myself to knit.

I love learning; even non-crafty stuff.  This past year I've been consumed with learning the ways of the horse (thanks to my love and some horse-nutty friends), and how best to stay on a saddle.  I hope to add ducks and chickens to my long list of animals I've cared for (that list also includes your typical house pets and a large collection of reptiles....and primates).  I'm learning how to build my business, and thanks to a small army of incredible ladies (The Three K's), I may succeed.  My son teaches me the importance of patience, consistency and manners.  I know all parents say this; but he IS a delight and reminds me how magical and undeniably awesome day-to-day life is.

I wish I was my age in the 1940s, I haven't gone SCUBA diving in seven years, I'm a fabric-o-saurus (the dude is in a dinosaur phase...it's rubbed off) and I'm a total sucker for peppermint and chocolate.