December 13, 2011

Christmas Ornament Wreath

A few years ago, I saw a Christmas ornament wreath in Canadian Living and I firmly decided that I was destined to make one for myself.  So I did!  Good story, yeah? :)

I realize that my colours are not very...conventional...but those of you who know me know that's not my style.  And it goes better with my wall colour! 

And since I made it P.B. (that's 'pre-blog', not the nut butter) I don't have any 'how to' photos to share with you.  Canadian Living has a great tutorial, but if you want a visual, you can find one here. post.  Maybe I'll get those Christmas cookies out of the freezer and try out Twenty Second Icing.  Mmmmmmm....sweeeeeeet.

1 comment:

stacy said...

Looks good Anne! I made one too, but just strung the balls into a wire coat hanger. Super easy!