March 26, 2012

Sunshine in the Mail

Pinterest told me to mail sunshine.

Considering March is typically one of the gloomier months in Canada, I thought it'd be a great idea for my friend's birthday.  

A few other gals and I gathered up some yellow things.  

Yummy treats.

Cheerful muffin cup liners, streamers and bubbles.  

Lip gloss and nail polish.

Squirrels?  Haha.  I saw these salt and pepper shakers at an antique store and I just couldn't stop giggling.  Their names are 'Sammy' and 'Samantha'.

I also had Rowan colour a spring-like photo.  Except he went rogue and used blue instead of yellow and orange.

All bundled up and ready to go to Calgary!  Although we've been having a very warm and sunny March, Jenn co-incidentally waited to open the parcel on a cloudy day.  Yessssssssssss!

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