January 4, 2011

My First Little Sweater

My very first post!  I feel as if I should be smashing a champagne bottle against something...
I thought I'd start a blog in the new year.  As you'll read on my 'about' page, I'm a little bit of a flaky crafter.  I love starting projects; so much in fact that I have a hard time finishing one before starting another.  I thought that if people kept tabs on me, I'd make an effort to commit.

I completed this little sweater for my son, Rowan, a few months ago.  It's also doubling as my blog title photo because the colours are wonderful.  During my pregnancy I knitted quite a few baby items, but since we were keeping the gender a surprise, I didn't venture into any colours except for red, green and white. 

I love the stripe up the sleeve.  It's so cute, I think I may knit him another for next winter.  I used the pattern in Marie Connolly's book 'The Expectant Knitter'.  I've knitted quite a few items from it, definitely worth the purchase!  You can also purchase the pattern on Ravelry, just search for her name.

I had some yarn left over, so I thought I'd knit a cozy hat.  Rowan is trying it on for size before I finish it :)

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