January 6, 2011

The Super Cozy Sweater

I forfeited a good night's sleep to finish this sweater, designed by Marie Connolly.  I had started it in October but it was put on hold while I completed my Christmas knitting and crafting.  Last night, I had serious doubts that it fit and thought I might have to *tearfully* pack it away for another child. 

Hooray!  Not only does it fit, there's still room to grow!  I love the size of the collar, it has 'ski chalet' written all over it.  This will definitely come with us when we venture to Winterlude in Ottawa next month...if it still fits.  The collar will certainly keep the little tyke cozy on the Rideau Canal.

I also made some wonderful Lemon Cranberry Bread yesterday.  We had some unused cranberries from our Christmas turkey stuffing, and they were begging to be paired with something citrus.

What's on for the rest of the day?  Well.....

BREAD!  I'm a gigantic fan of Peter Rienhart's.   He's a bread genius.  I have his book Artisan Breads Every Day.  It's got everything - bread, crackers, pizza dough, bagels....cinnamon buns.  If you want to get into bread baking, this is the way to go.  I'm not going to post his recipes because frankly....it would take me way too long.  Not that the recipes are hard or take a long time, he is just very thorough with his method writing.  I made the dough yesterday, it sat in the fridge overnight (and can stay there up to four days!) and today I'm going to bake it.  Yum!  I'm also hoping to complete a little birthday present for a soon-to-be 4 year old.  We'll see how much co-operation I can extract from Rowan today :)

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Alicia said...

Anne!! We live smack in the middle of the Winterlude festivities! I don't know how long you're in town for, but if you could squeeze it in, I would love to catch up with you and the little one! Hamish just got his first pair of skates and I'm anxiousy waiting for the canal to open! PS Rowan is beyond adorable in that sweater!!