June 13, 2011

Anna's Dress

Excuse my absence.  My poor computer was on life-support for the better part of a week.  I honestly thought I that might lose EVERYTHING in the attempt to revive it.  I felt like Carrie Bradshaw (in SATC's season 4 episode: My Motherboard My Self) that week.  "When was the last time you backed-up?"  Uhhhhhhhhh.....people actually do that?

I didn't lose everything.  And I now have a spiffy, glossy red external hard drive to prevent such a catastrophe. 

I've been working on my very own little-gal dress pattern for a while now. 
My hope is that I'll be able to perfect it soon so that I can share the pattern and tutorial will all of you! 

This is proto-type number one, version two.  Version one was WAYYYY too big and had some piping sewn in between the bodice and skirt.  The skirt was also a bit short, so I lengthened it with an extra ruffle.  I still have a few tweaks to make, but overall pretty pleased!

The owner!
 So far, this pattern is for 12-18 month old babes, but prototype number two will be a size smaller.

 He's such a happy little model :)

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