May 30, 2011

A Really Remarkable Rhubarb Recipe

Hey....remember when I use to post regularly?  Sometimes a few posts a week?

That was pre-cruising.  Now that Rowan is staggering around anything that provides some stability (including the dog's legs) the days have seemed to have shortened.  And become a lot more tiring.  How magical!

I haven't gotten my craft on for a looooooong time, so I thought I'd share yet another baking adventure.  It involves my new-found love for rhubarb.  Yep, I'm a recent (3 years, actually) rhubarb convert.  It was always served up at home when I was a kid, but ya know...just didn't appeal to me.

And I have a feeling that it still doesn't appeal to many of you; but I'd suggest giving this Rhubarb Loaf recipe a whirl before banishing it to the 'Land of Ewwwwww' permanently.  It's sooooo good.  Seriously, look how much of it was eaten before I remembered I hadn't photographed it!  I highly recommend it with tea.  Or coffee (it is very coffee-cakey).  Or vanilla ice-cream.  Or just by itself to help you ignore the fact that your child is rearranging and scrunching meticulously organized photographs.

 After a long winter of citrus and bananas (and whatever canned or frozen fruit I squirreled away), some fresh, locally grown rhubarb is a welcomed sign of spring.  And a yummy reminder that strawberry season is approaching!

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