July 27, 2011

Gathered Clutch

If you want a nifty little project to practice your zipper installation skills, hop on over to Noodlehead and try out her fabulous gathered clutch tutorial.

I used some of the nylon from Rowan's raincoat for the lining.  Perfect for transforming the clutch into a travel make-up bag!  If a compact or eyeshadow were to flip their lids, the inside can easily be wiped clean.

Yes, I'm aware there is a spider on my blog.  This lovely little spider spun a web over my fruit bowl and was doing a marvelous job of catching and consuming 90% of the fruit flies in my kitchen.  Now, he/she is gone and things are getting out of hand.  Please come back, little friend!!  I don't want to have to set out unattractive fruit fly traps!

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