July 8, 2011

MADE Beach Robe

This is the greatest summer project EVER!

The pattern can be purchased from Dana at MADE.  I was really pleased with the way it sewed up; my only complaint is the type of towel I chose.  I liked the stripes, it reminded me of retro men's pajamas, but...

...it has a very high pile and frays like a #@&*^$!!  Even with diligent zigzag stitches over every single raw edge.  Bugger!  Regardless, it only took me 2.5 hours, so I will be making another one with a different type of towel.  It's such a great idea to keep little ones cozy while drying off.

Strawberry season is pretty much over.  Yesterday I panicked and picked 19 L of berries.  Yeah...not the best idea. 

 I turned 9 L of it into jam, gave a few litres away, and I guess I'll freeze the rest.  Haha!! Silly me.


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