August 10, 2011

Watch-Me-Grow Birthday Banner

The birthday related posts continue today with this little birthday banner.

Honestly, this project made me smile so much.  I can't think of anything better (uhhhhhhh...maybe that's not entirely true.  Quiet time with a glass full of Veuve would be pretty freakin' fantastic) than staring at adorable baby photos for a few hours.

My banner is pretty simple, but if you have a fancy paper cutter you could do this or this.  I bought a $15 Cutter Bee circle cutter that worked just fine.  Since I was making two of them (that equals a gazillion circles, folks), it was definitely worth the moo-lah.  I started at 'brand new' and continued to gather my favourite photo from each month up to 11. 

One piece of advise: if you're stringing them on a ribbon the way I did...tape the ribbon down at the back.  Otherwise, you might throw a tantrum over having to repeatedly untwist the ribbon.  I may be speaking from experience...

The second banner was made for Rowan's buddy Ryerson, who turned one on Sunday!  We had a little party for the boys on the weekend since they were born two weeks apart.  I'm thrilled with how efficient those babies are!

Stay tuned for one more birthday-related post this week!

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