November 23, 2011

Infinity Scarf - The Knit

Is anyone else ridiculously obsessed with infinity scarves?  I'll bet the answer is yes.  I haven't met a person that DOESN'T like them.  Probably because they're the bees knees.

Thanks to Kennedy for snapping this photo!

If you're reading 'infinity scarf' and thinking "wha??", I'll explain.  They're scarves with the ends attached together.  That's it. 

This knit version I made is ridiculously simple; the perfect movie-watching project because you don't have to constantly refer back to the pattern.  If you haven't learned to knit yet, I highly recommend Very Pink's tutorials.  She's amazing and you'll have no problems following her instructions.

I decided I wanted a loose knit, so I broke out the 19mm (US 35) knitting needles to use with a worsted weight (medium #4) yarn.  I used one skein of Loops and Thread's Impeccable yarn in True Grey.  You'll also need a tapestry needle to join the two ends and weave the tails in.

Cast on 48 stitches.
Round 1: K across entire row
Round 2: K first 3 stitches and P until last 3 stitches.  K remaining stitches

Work these two rounds until desired length.  Just over a meter will give you enough to loop around your neck twice.  If you're joining two skeins of yarn, you HAVE to try this method called the Russian Join.  It's friggin' life changing, man!

To join the ends together I used a kitchener stitch.  I'm not very good at it yet, so I followed this tutorial from Very Pink.  She's demonstrating on socks....just go with it.  The only thing you'll need to do is pick up stitches from the end not currently on the needles. Weave in the tails and you're set.

Stay cozy my friends!

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