November 29, 2011

Bow Clutch by Generation Sue

I have multiple posts to hammer out over the course of this week (Christmas crafts must begin!!), so I thought I'd share one last 'grown-up' creation before I pummel you with baby clothes. 

I found this bow clutch tutorial from Generation Sue on Pinterest.  Do you love Pinterest?  I love Pinterest.  I reference Pinterest in real-life conversations.  I also get slightly giddy when I see items from my blog pinned!

The pattern didn't call for pockets, so I decided to add some following the instructions of the gathered clutch tutorial from Noodlehead.  Also opted for a contrast zipper.'s fun!

Another clutch made, another clutch given away.  One of these days, I WILL keep one for myself.

1 comment:

generationSue said...

Looks fabulous! LOVE the contrast zipper!