January 19, 2012

More Love for the Urban Hoodie

Have you purchased an Urban Hoodie pattern yet?  No?


It has to be my most-used pattern (excluding the Big Butt Baby Pants of course) and is quite easy to make.  And you don't need a serger!

I made four hoodies for Christmas this year; three for my friend's baby girl and her cousins (they were all identical and I forgot to photograph them!  FOR SHAME!) and one for my niece.

I absolutely adore the red with silvery-grey hearts.

This is about as much modeling as I could coax out of Brianna on Christmas Day.  It fit like a glove!  She's also got a cute, new flower head band.

Satin flowers are really fun to make.  For the center of this flower, I put a glob of hot glue in the middle and pressed some teeny glass beads into it.  Yes, you'll burn your fingers a little bit, but it's totally worth it!

While you're visiting Heidi and Finn's Esty page, be sure to check out her other patterns.  They're just too cute!

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