October 14, 2011

A Second Serving of Big Butt Baby Pants

As luck would have it, a very kind friend lent me her sewing machine until I purchase a new one.  Yes, sadly my 20-year-old Husqvarna is toast.  Kind of a bummer, since it's the machine my mom taught me to sew on.  *Extra sad face*  To repair it would cost just as much as buying a new one.  And new sewing machines have warranties.  At first, using the replacement machine felt like I was cheating on mine.  Seriously!  I had a little pang of guilt while I was winding the bobbin.  Apparently I apply anthropomorphic traits to my crafting tools.  Of course, my conflicted feelings lasted all of 2 minutes.  Haha!

I've been in serious (well, serious for ME, which is slight at best) Big Butt Baby Pant production over the past week (or two?  I dunno, I've lost all track of time) in the hopes of selling them.  So far, I've got a verbal promise from a store that they will stock them...so we shall see!

The denim is salvaged (mine old jeans, actually) and so is the purple knit fabric (tank top) I used for the ruffles.  Ohhh, that was a good day.  The day with the ruffles.  I wish Rowan looked good in ruffles.

I love the green/blue/brown striped fabric.  I was lucky enough to win a contest from Tonic Living's Facebook page and receive a delightful bundle of fabric samples (above).  The stripe was the only sample that was light cotton and not a heavy drapery weight.  Not that I'm complaining!  I could use some new cushion covers.

I think these applique hearts turned out pretty well!

Unlike my first Big Butt Baby Pant post, I don't have a model for these pants.  They're itty bitty (0-3 months and 3-6 months) and Rowan is.....not itty bitty.  A clothesline of adorable pants is the best I can do.


stacy said...

Love your Big Butt Baby Pants! How much are you selling for???

funkylindsay.com said...

I'm saving my pennies - and definitely am committing to a pair! (Definitely denim - and definitely not itty-bitty) - I am hoping for maybe a 12-18 month pair?

Can I place my order officially?

Anne said...

Sure Linds!! I'm hopefully getting a whole whack more denim soon. Would you like a matching denim bum panel or contrast? Contrast fabric preference?
Just for sizing - Rowan is still able to wear his 6-12 month size (he's 14 months, 22lbs), I just let out the hem. I made him a pair of 12-18 months and they fit, but are quite roomy.

funkylindsay.com said...

hmmm contrast fabric might be fun!

Size-wise... let's go bigger - then Eli can wear them for longer?