December 3, 2012

Take Out Box Advent 'Calendar'

Bah haha.

This blog post is so late it's not even remotely funny.  Who writes about an advent calendar on the third day of December?  Moi.  Lame sauce.  To comfort my tardy soul, I should explain that this project comes together lickety split; you can have a new 'calendar' in one evening.  Or: pin it and save it for next year!

I decided on November 27th that I needed a new advent calendar.  The old one had teeny little pockets that held Lindt truffles perfectly.  Chocolate and a two year old with a memory like an elephant?  Nuh-uh.

Besides, I wanted to make this advent about doing things rather than getting treats.

For this project you will need:

24 take out boxes (I used 16 oz and 8 oz sizes)
Decorative paper
Cutting tool (like a Cuttlebug or similar) or pre-cut numbers
Circle cutter or punch in 2" and 1.5" sizes
Clear glue
24 items to place in the boxes

Cut out 24 x 2" circles and 24 x 1.5" circles out of decorative paper.  My paper came from this book of scrapbook paper, available at Michael's.

Cut out numbers (if you need to).  My crafting took place at 10pm on November 30th (hence the crap photo), I laid my numbers out to make sure I had cut the right amount (late night crafting = increase in errors) before packing my Cuttlebug away.  I used the 'Olivia' alphabet and number set.

Glue the circles and numbers on each box.

Fill with fun things!  I stuffed the boxes with tree ornaments, finger puppets, stickers, muffin liners, cookie cutters, and lots of activity tags.

The activity tags included:

Attending the Santa Claus parade
Skating (will be the first time!  Exciting for a mom who is an ex-figure skater)
Baking cookies
Baking muffins
Reading Christmas books
Watching Christmas movies
Having hot chocolate
Colouring in Christmas-themed colouring books
Making cards for family and friends

I had various ideas for displaying these little boxes: hang from a tree, string up like a garland, etc.  But ultimately, convenience and ease prevailed and I stuck them on top of a white fabric blanket on the piano.

Paired with my vintage bottle brush trees, I think they look pretty cute up there.

Today, Rowan and I have a date with a cookie cutter and cookie dough. Happy Monday!

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