December 10, 2012

Tulle Wreath Tutorial

I'm sure it happens to everyone on Pinterest at some point.  Becoming so obsessed with a DIY project or recipe pin that you must try it ASAP.

When I saw the pin for this tulle wreath:

that obsession took hold.  I was thinking of design ideas for the set of Rowan's Christmas photos and after I saw it, I went out the next day to buy tulle and a foam wreath form.  I apologize to the person who originally posted this photo to the 'net.  Pinterest wouldn't let me connect to the URL address for fear of a virus or some other nasty consequence.  A Google search turned up nothing.  I tried.  

To make this wreath you'll need:

~ 12" styrofoam wreath form.  Or check out this idea on how to make a super thrifty form. 
~ 10 m of tulle.  Check the prices at the fabric or craft store before you purchase.  Sometimes tulle can look similar but have a whopping price difference.  I bought mine for $2.50 per meter at Fabricland.
~ Scraps of white cotton fabric; enough to cover a 2 m length
~ Sharp scissors
~ Hot glue gun
~ 2" wide satin ribbon

I didn't plan on making a detailed tutorial, so I failed to take photos of each process.  Hopefully I don't lose you.  Once you start tying the tulle knots, this wreath is a perfect 'movie watching' project.  Easy, methodical and doesn't get too messy.

Cut fabric into 3" wide strips and wrap around the wreath form, gluing at each end.  Neatness doesn't matter, but you need to make sure your wreath is evenly covered.

Cut the tulle into 4" wide strips.  I left my tulle folded to make this part go faster.  I made my tulle strips 18" long, because I wanted a whispy, whimsical look.  

Tie two tulle strips in a double knot and position at the top of the wreath. 

Some of my strips ended up being a little lot shorter, but whateves.  Whimsical, right?

Scrunch the tulle close together until you've used up all the strips or have run out of room on the wreath.  Straighten the knots, trim the tulle to be somewhat even (or very's all about preference) loop a long ribbon around the form and you're done!

You can fasten the ribbon in a bow as demonstrated in the pink wreath above.  I tied my ribbon around the wire on the back of the picture frame.

Refresh the wreath each year (or each season!) by changing the colour of the ribbon, adding a string of beads, a cluster of fabric flowers...etc, etc.

I don't buy many Christmas decor items new from a store, but at a recent trip to IKEA I couldn't resist these little candle holders.  The glittery tree to the left is just a paper cone smothered in glue, teeny beads, sequins and glitter.  Fun project but m-e-s-s-y!  

I might not do another blog post until the new year.  If I get my act together and make some stockings (my 'Winter Holidays' pin board is full of ideas!) I might share them.  Most of the things I'm making are it'll have to wait.

How did the photo session go?

Very well!  Thanks Kerri for being so AWESOME.

Happy Monday!

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