April 28, 2011

Fantastic Flowers

Do you remember this ad from 1992?  That flower press (very similar to my cuttlebug) made my Christmas list that year, but it never turned up under the tree.  I think my parents vetoed that gift knowing that my 9-year-old-self would probably make 3 flowers and never use it again.  I believe I received a Walkman instead.

This post is really about satin flowers - made by me - but with dangerous things like sharp scissors and fire.  I'll show ya how to do it...later.  **UPDATE** Tutorial HERE!

The flower, feather and netting are on an interchangeable clip.  Confession: it's not something I invented.  I totally copied Miss Plunkett, so I'd feel a little guilty spilling their secret.

Rowan was begging to try the blue one on.  Yes...begging....

What a good sport he is!

The recipients of these flowers are my two new little girlfriends.


I hope the girls share with their mums!

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kennedy tinsley said...

I need you to make me a flower!!!! I'm making my dress and was thinking of wearing a nice flower in my hair---trying to pull off a Kate Middleton here...if u know what I mean!!!