February 18, 2011


My new toy arrived this morning!! 

It's a belated Christmas gift (from myself) that I found at The Scrapbook Cottage.  The cuttlebug is a little embosser and die cut machine and for whatever reason, it's in very high demand.  It was on back order so many times, I thought it would never arrive!

My Aunt Debbie made some gorgeous Christmas cards this year (and wouldn't you know it, I can't find the card to show you!) with her cuttlebug, and after a long conversation, I realized it was the one little thing missing in my paper-crafts paraphernalia. 

I was playing around with it for a little while...albeit, I only have two embossing folders.  I received the owl for free - how did they know about my obsession with owls?! :)  Fortunately for me (but not my wallet) I live within walking distance from a Michael's; I surveyed the die cut/embosser folder stock before I purchased the machine.  Let's just say: J-a-c-k-p-o-t. 

I played around with ink, but I think I need to get the proper applicator and not use textured paper....that just doesn't look good. 
There's a project that I will need it for, but you'll have to wait a little while before I can put up the post.

Have a great Family Day weekend!

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