May 13, 2011

Rings and Slings

Of all the baby gear I own, my ring sling tops the list.  Well, the hypothetical list.  I don't grade my baby gear....

Our trip to the Peterborough Museum and Archives in January
 I love this sling.  I honestly don't know how I (or my back) would survive without it.

I like to do a lot of shopping downtown, and when you're going in and out of stores, a stroller is a pain in the keester.  I added the little pocket to my grey sling so that I could carry my wallet, car keys and a smushed up resuable bag with me.  So happy I did that!

I used these instructions from Maya Wrap and followed their instructional videos to learn how to use the sling.

And I made one for my friend Becky...

...she loves hers too!  Becky is able to garden and run errands with 5 week old Kennedy snuggled in her sling.

I have another baby-wearing device that I really like (I guess it'd be number 2 on the hypothetical list) and although it gets less use than the sling, it's still valuable.

Barnacle Baby
I like the wrap for extended wearing.  Namely, walking the dog in the nearby Provincial Park, but I'll also stick R-man on my back to get things done around the house if he's being a fussy-Gus.
Making a wrap like this is a cinch:
Buy 5 meters of jersey knit fabric.
Cut down the middle length-wise.
Now you have two wraps.  I always keep one in the car...sometimes it gets used to wipe off muddy dog feet :)

The photo is my own back carry invention.  I'll be honest, it sucked.  I worked, but it just didn't feel great.  I found a rucksack back carry demo on YouTube that is MUCH better. And, it should be noted that a stretchy knit fabric like jersey is great for front carrying, but you'll need a non-stretch fabric for back carrying. 

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