February 23, 2011

Big Butt Baby Pants

Rowan is a cloth diapered babe, ergo his butt is a LOT larger than disposable diapered bums due to all the extra padding.  Clothing manufacturers make pants to fit the single use variety because unfortunately, they are the majority.  That's all I'll say about the cloth vs disposable debate because I want people to like me...I mean, my blog :)

I'm a teeny bit obsessed with Made By Rae.  Partly because she sounds like an absolute riot, and partly because her sewing creations kick tushie.  I made some baby tights for R-man a few weeks ago (to use as long underwear) and I've tried other patterns of hers and have loved them all.  However, these Big Butt Baby Pants are a real gem.  Perfect for a cloth-swaddled tot due to the extra panel in the back, OR can be used for disposable bottoms; just make a size smaller than what baby is currently wearing.

I really should have ironed them....

The first two pairs I made are out of linen, but I feel like they're a little too light for winter, so the next pair I make with a light-weight fabric will include a lining.  I nabbed that idea from this post over at Made

One of the above pairs debuted at a weekly baby group that has started with some mums I met at Salsa Babies.  They gave me an awesome idea.

Note the 'lazy person's' ironing board above the shirt.
Use men's shirts!  Off I skipped (err, drove) to the closest thrift shop to peruse the pickings.  I selected items from the XXL section so that I would have enough fabric to work with.  I brought home a camel corduroy (above), a cool coloured plaid and a green fleece.

Not sure what he'll put in his pocket.
I really like the cord/plaid combo on the pants above.  I probably should have used a more appropriate colour of thread, but I didn't have any on hand.  When you start making baby pants, the adorable-ness consumes you and they must be finished immediatelyNo time for a trip to the fabric store.

This one I've coined 'The Oscar'.  Rowan has been a little grouchy lately due to teething, and when I need to lighten the mood in the house, I stick him in these.  It doesn't help with his pain, but it certainly makes me smile. 

Woohoo! Big Butt Baby Pants!!  So fast, so easy, I may not be purchasing pants for a loooong time.

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