October 2, 2011

Skirt to Scarf Tutorial

Well my friends, it's one dreary, rainy day here.  I don't usually post on weekends, but I thought that maybe some of you were experiencing yuck-o weather too and wanted a little something to do inside today. 

This project will take you about one hour.  Five minutes to make the scarf and then 55 minutes to figure out all the ways you can wear it and which clothes to pair it with.  See!  I'm helping you pass the blah-ness of today :) 

You can use a knit shirt if you don't have a skirt.  Knit fabric is stretchy and doesn't unravel.  Most t-shirts are made of a light knit like jersey and are perfect for this project.  Ideally, you want something without a side seam, but my skirt has two seams and I don't find them overly offensive.

I loved the decorative bands around the skirt, so I decided to include them.  Make two cuts across the entire width of the garment, about 30cm apart.  Neatness doesn't matter!  If you're using a skirt/shirt with a hemmed edge, cut off the hem.

Stretch out so that the raw edges curl under.


Yeah, my head's cut off.  I was not in a 'model-y' mood that day.  Or any day for that matter! 

See you later alligators.  Stay dry...

...eat cookies!

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