September 29, 2011

Fall Fair Fun!

This past weekend Rowan and I attended my hometown fall fair.  It was Rowan's first time at this fair, and his first time on a carousel!

A blog reader asked if I was entering anything in the craft exhibits.  I couldn't believe I had forgotten about that aspect of the fair!  Especially since I loved to enter my creations as a kid.  I didn't have time to make anything for a specific category, but I managed to scrounge up three items that I could enter.

0 - 3 month sized Big Butt Baby Pants.  I won by default.  There weren't any other entries in the 'boy's pants' category...I'll remember that for next year!

Super Cozy Sweater.  I was sort of surprised with winning second, this sweater was well worn and showed it!  And yes, there was more than two entries.  Boo-yeah!

I entered the mitts too (forgot to photograph the mitts with their sticker before giving them to their owner), and they took home 3rd prize. 

Next year, I'll be sure to get more things submitted.  So fun!  When was the last time you entered your handiwork into a fall fair?

2 comments: said...

I'm loving the big butt pants (just referred to your link - and I love Rae - although not a master sewer).

As a cloth diaperer myself, what are you charging for those cute big butt jeans??


Anne said...

Thanks Lindsay!

Plain BBBPants are $15, ones with pockets and cuffs (like the one above) are $20.