April 5, 2012

This Post Features Kittens

I thought I'd post an outrageously adorable photo of the R-man and some kittens while I wait for my iron to heat up.  Did you know they are the official alternative Easter animal when bunnies, chicks and lambs are unavailable?

That might be a lie.  At four weeks old, they're pretty darn precious.  Rowan has his keester parked on the floor of my dad's workshop and is getting an 'are-you-a-kitten-slayer' inspection from Mama Cat.  He passed.

And yes, he's also wearing a new Urban Hoodie.  Considering the pattern goes up to size 5T, you'll be seeing a lot of them!

This weekend's goal is to not go into a chocolate induced comma.  Success is unlikely.

Happy Easter!

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