March 29, 2011

Thank You Cards

I'm going out on a limb here by assuming that my brother and sister-in-law have opened their wedding gifts.  It's been a few days since they've returned from their honeymoon...I think I'm safe :)

A month before the wedding, I asked Jess if there was anything in particular she needed gift-wise.  She asked me to make her some 'Thank You' cards.  Uhhhh, buying paper, ribbon, cuttlebug supplies, ink and an embossing tool for an actual purpose?!  SWEET BEANS!  I think it was my first guilt-free trip to the craft store ever.

I ended up making four different designs, 48 in total.  I thought if I just did one style I would get bored.  The 'thanks' lettering comes from the 'Olivia' alphabet set (by Provo Craft, aka Cuttlebug).  I found it on sale at Walmart and from what I gather, it's becoming hard to find.  I'm thinking Ebay or Amazon is your best bet to nab one.

I left the little embossed birdies blank in the event they don't need all the cards.  These little babies can be used as regular note cards. 

Oh man, I love my cuttlebug.  I used it to cut the 'thanks' lettering, flowers and decorative frame and emboss the paper.  *Sigh* that was a magical afternoon.

I think they took 4 days to complete (my concept of time is shot to hell) as I did most of my work during nap time and after R-man went to bed.  Two other things that helped: watching 'The Tudors' on Netflix and eating 'Toppables' crackers.  Ahhhhhhhh mat leave!


kennedy tinsley said...

love love love...these are adorable!!!! I'm so jealous of you!!!! *LOL* Great job!!!!

sue jones said...

I am going to try one of these. I am excited about the layout.

Sharon Perehudoff said...

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, going to give one of them a try. Your cards are beautiful! came across on Pinterest, that's how I found your page.