February 3, 2011

It's All the Rag(e)

How did you survive 'Snowmageddon'?  For those of you not in Southern Ontario, meteorologists and the media were hyping up a massive storm for Wednesday.  We were suppose to get walloped with 30cm (over a foot) of snow.  Well...here in Peterborough, we probably got about half that.  And since I grew up in the 'snow belt', it wasn't anything to 'blog' about.

Snowstorm or no snowstorm, Rowan is keeping cozy with his new rag quilt.

I've wanted to make a rag quilt for a little while now, and since this winter has been extra cold; it seemed like the perfect thing to keep busy with on a chilly day.

The quilt was fairly simple to put together.  Just cut a gazillion (or a smaller number) squares of flannel and quilt batting, sandwich them (flannel, batting, flannel), sew an 'X' through each square sandwich and sew 'em together.  I opted for larger squares for the owl and zoo animal fabric because: a) I wanted to see more of the pattern and b) larger squares means less cutting and sewing!

And yes, I couldn't decide between owls and the zoo animals.  So, I decided to make life complicated for myself and make a reversible quilt.  I will most likely not be doing that again.  Ha!

It currently gets more use as a floor mat for 'tummy time', but I hope it will eventually migrate to the crib.  I think it needs a little embroidered 'Rowan' in the corner.  I have visions of this quilt being dragged everywhere and having arguments over whether or not it needs to have a date with the washing machine.  Here's hoping :)   

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Kathy Johnson said...

how did u make it with the fringe on both sides