February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Deanna!

 My dear friend Deanna is celebrating her birthday today!  And since she's very far away (spending a few weeks in France before jetting to Indonesia....I know!) , I thought Rowan and I would sent her a shout out over the blog:

Dee, that flower was sacrificed for you...it lost half its petals and was nearly ingested :)

A little while ago, I told Deanna that I was knitting her something for her birthday.  I saw this yarn...

...and it spoke to me.  A beautiful, silky grey/blue was just perfect for the project I had in mind.  

 Uhhhh, yeah.  It's not done yet.  And I'm not disclosing what it is because that would ruin the surprise!  I will confess, I kept pushing it aside in favour of finishing other projects because I knew it would be a little while before she would be back in the country to receive her gift.   Forgive me, Dee! :)

"Hey Anne, why'd ya take a picture of your breakfast?"  You might be wondering.  Well, I decided to have a very French breakfast this morning in honour of the Birthday Girl.  After I collected everything, I realized that I had made 3/5ths of my breakfast myself.  Also very French!  I made the strawberry jam (after picking those berries while 8 months pregnant),  the yogurt (from 3% milk; because French women don't believe in non-fat...haha) and the bread.  I started making yogurt a few years ago when the accumulation of plastic containers started to get to me.  Not just in my house, but also in the recycling bin.  Recycling is great - but it uses up a lot of energy!  I like to put more emphasis on the first 'R' (reduce...in case you've forgotten!) whenever possible. 

Off to the post office - we've got Valentine's to mail :)

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