February 21, 2011

Owl Hat

I've only been talking about making this owl hat since the fall.  This little beauty is crocheted; a skill I've put on the back-burner for the past few...years...so I was glad to dust off the ol' crochet hooks.

This is attempt #2.  The first was WAAAAYYYY too big and will be stowed away until Rowan's noggin is larger.  It could take a few years, and I realize that I may forget that I have it....but one can always hope.

Old Blue helped keep the wee man quite cozy on the Rideau canal at Winterlude!  He slept through the first 5km and woke up to demand some lunch the same time it started to snow heavily.  I was quite content to spend some time in a heated chalet while most of my friends completed the remaining 2.8km.

He was the perfect age (6 months today!) for Winterlude this year.  Old enough to sit (great for restaurants, as shown above), but young enough to not yet be mobile and squirmy. 

A big THANKS to Sarah for the Winterlude photos!  My camera battery died before I was able to get any pictures of us on the canal.  You'd think I would have brought my battery charger as the same thing happened last year!

 Owl Hat Outtake:

I had to include this...caught the sneeze!  Hee hee!